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1. Madison Blue Springs State Park (26 miles): An internationally known cave diving destination with over 26,000 feet of underground passages to explore
2. Suwannee Springs (19 miles): Experience the "healing waters" while you swim.
3. Falmouth Springs (9 miles): Called the shortest river in the world, this spring only reaches 72º F year-round.
4. Charles Springs (7 miles): A designated historic site, home to the ancient Bellamy Trail that leads to the Charles Cemetery, an Indigenous burial site.
5. Wes Skiles Peacock Springs State Park (11 miles): Features one of the longest underwater cave systems in the U.S., with around 33,000 feet of underwater passages.
6.  Lafayette Blue Springs State Park (17 miles): Explore underwater passages and a limestone bridge that crosses the spring run.
7. Royal Springs (17 miles): Experience a jump from the diving platform, a local favorite!
8. Troy Springs State Park (27 miles): Step back in time and see the remnants of a sunken Civil War ship.
9. Little River Springs (28 miles): Witness the beautiful color change with the Suwannee River!
10.  Ichetucknee Springs State Park (40 miles): Eight major crystal-clear springs that join to create the 6-mile Ichetucknee River. Tube, swim, have a great time!
11. Ginnie Springs (51 miles): Explore remnants of three different Native American tribes, including the Timucua, Seminoles, and Choctaws.
12. Gilchrist Blue Springs State Park (55 miles): View a diversity of wildlife species like turtles, fish, and other invertebrates.
13. Poe Springs (55 miles): Snorkel at the largest spring in Alachua County!

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1. Suwannee River State Park (12 miles): Old Columbus Cemetery: Explore this cemetery used by Columbus residents in the 1800s. This area has a significant history in the Civil War.

2. Graffiti Bridge (19 miles): Find out why professional artists from all over the state come to paint this bridge.

3. Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park & Campground (19 miles): This park hosts live music and festivals and is home to one of the largest bat houses in America.

4. UF IFAS (17 miles): The University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences conducts research projects and hosts public events. Check out their website to learn more!

5. Heritage Park and Gardens (12 miles): Enjoy a stroll through the gardens, a tour of the historic mansion, playground, and bike trail.

6. Hal W. Adams Suspension Bridge (10 miles): The only suspension bridge in Florida! Enjoy the bike trail and nearby scenery.

7. Hearthstone Gardens (23 miles): Experience a curated selection of North FL native flora.

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1. Hoover Family Farms: Pick your own strawberries and support an organic, family-owned business at Hoover Family Farms.

2. Rooney's Front Porch Farm: Rooney’s is known for its sustainable farm practices. When in season, head over to pick blueberries, pet the animals, and buy farm fresh goods.

3. Easeland Organic Farm: Home to the largest orchard in Florida.

4. Kokomo Farms: Country accommodations, along with workshops and sustainability tours.


5. Bledsoe Family Farms: The perfect Christmas tree farm for you and your family!

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